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Come to meet me on Shooting & Drones Show 2015!

Hello, visitor, and welcome on my personal website!

In this rubrics, you'll find firstly all my pictures of my uniforms, without any political idea, of course.

Then you'll find my pictures taken during reenactment events. Note I was not alone during this events! But I only post pictures of events I was as participant.

And then, discover my models pictures, and other figures I've built/painted. I should update this part more often, but I've not the time to do good pictures of my work :)

Discover here several pictures of my Airsoft gun collection. In this pages, there are not real weapons (or if it's the case, there respect the french law). So don't worry! Note the picture is not updated, I've bought other guns since the moment I took the picture !

Videos are become, with the time, my speciality. So you'll discover my work by enjoying my fantastic humour..! ^^ And why not subscribe, share my videos, print pictures of me and share it in the street, print flyers to eulogize my channel and send me many cash?

Militaria, Aud'airsoft and Red Dot mag (numeric version) called me to participate to their adventures. All the links of the articles are gathered in this page. Discover my new serie : the Neo035's instant : mix between review and mood ticket! This part is in french, I'm sorry..!

Warsoft is now a part in the past. If you want to discover my previous work, discover this part! I'm sorry, it's in french too, and not "copyable/pastable" because of the format of the images...

Do you want to develop a deal to advert you on my website? It's not very binding : exchange of good processes! So be displayed on my partners page !

At last, if you want to contact me, go by this way! :)

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