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Small introduction before showing photos.

Everything began in 1999, when my father offered me my first one limp with soldiers. It was about American renamed paratroopers Airfix Heller in the 1/72nd.

At the beginning, I didn't paint them. Then my father bought me the opponents, German in the same scale.
Then he showed me a little of documentation and I was able to paint, with his numerous cans of paint Humbrol, these small soldiers who amused me so much and who made me whole hours burst myself on a lino where it was pleasant to stretch out and play with these small figurines of plastic.
Then after the first ones limp finished, I used my allowance to widen my army, and emancipate me by painting US GI, English paratroopers, Fallschirmjäger, etc.
Some years later, I put myself in Russian.
Then I realized that I used far too much gloss paint and colors not maids, then I repainted everything decently.
Today, I have of numerous limp and when I display everything, that gives this.

The Germans are to the right, the Allies are to the left. Note that the Soviet citizens are not there (not enough place!), but there are as much as the strengths of the Axis.

Then in July, 2002, my life changed further to the series Band of Brothers. I became a fan of this series. And, fate, in August, 2002, we decided to go to make a journey in Germany, in the Luxembourg and in Belgium (I lived in Metz and it was quite close to the border). And in Belgium, we were in... Bastogne!
We visited some museums, and a store of models and there I discover this:

Soldiers of the 101th airborne to Bastogne in December, 1944, to the 1/35th. Scale bigger than the 1/72nd, I reflected and I dash! It is symbolic! To buy one limps with soldiers of Bastogne to Bastogne...
Now to make them, it was in no way the same technique as in the 1/72nd. There it was necessary to insist on shades, lightings and especially, most hard, tints of the face... The first tries were disastrous but the final result is rather satisfactory.
Here is my first diorama with my first soldiers.

The snow is some bicarbonate of sodium spread and stuck briefly on the wood glue. (If we sneeze above, that makes a snowstorm) and trees are twigs.

Then I made of the German soldier with this diorama:

Trees are in Plasticine with branches in dried thyme. The piece of diorama is realized on some polystyrene with a layer of plaster mixed with the wood filler. I can so give the relief which I want. We can see here a team of background officers who observe the battlefield and marksmen's team of mortars in the foreground with the teamleader who roars " Feuer! "

Then dioramas succeeded one another, I made of everything. Here is a selection the best.

My father made the tank and I made sets and the man.

1/72 :


1/35 :


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